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We offer creative as well as technical video editing. We will travel to the place of your choosing, record anything you wish, edit it and provide an original sound including sound effects.

We also provide promotional and viral videos created using our unique art techniques: Sand Art, Light Art or Speed Painting.

We are offering technical as well as creative audio editing. We will provide your video with an original sound including sound effects. We have a recording studio and professional sound designers.

Whether it is an original jingle, radio commercial or a voiceover, we will create it for you.

For your party or corporate event you can book our skilled beatboxers that will wow you with their art as well as teach you the basics of this unique technique in their original workshop.

You can also book us for a music production to your fil, theatre play or a song.
Our studio is working closely with the BOBA studio. Based on this collaboration, the historically first comics with Bob and Bobek characters, was created. The first issue released for the purposes of the Ice Hockey World Championship was a huge success and it was followed by the sequel, Bob and Bobek on the mountains. Other issues are coming soon.

We can create comics in different styles based on your vision and preferences. We are able to produce short black and white strips as well as long color comics. Our services are of the highest quality and include the story line and script.

Art shop
Purchase the works of our artists: paintings, prints or 3D objects, shirts... Or let us create a painting according to your wishes and preferences.