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From design to actual realization, we provide scenes for events, theater and fil. We have vast experience with the production of properties, mapping and installation of art objects. We are able to make your visions come true using modern technologies and our innovative artistic approach in all types of settings: galleries, movie screens or theatre stages.

We have worked with Czech Television, foreign filmmakers, Archa Theater and number of Czech music industry personalities including Karel Gott or Lucie Bílá.

Realized projects:
Opening ceremony for the IIHF at O2 Arena in Prague, 2015 Ice Hockey World Championship
Running Scared (Film, USA)
Poslední sezóna (TV Series, Czech Television)
Hop’n’Nob (Documentary, USA, 2008)
SenAnderSen (Theater play, Archa Theater, 2006)
Divnej Soused (Theater play, Archa Theater, 2006)
Čekanda (Theater play, Archa Theater, 2003)
Chat – Nebezpečně snadné známosti (Theater play, Archa Theater, 2003)
ONYX Live in Prague (Event stage, 2011)
Dávej Bacha! (Event stage, music video, BESIP, 2009)
OPARY – Lucie Bílá (Music video, 2008)
3D Objects
We have the required technology and experience to produce almost any kind of 3D object. Whether you need to make your business stand out or decorate your exhibition at a cultural space, we are here for you. We can design and produce objects for all sorts of exhibitions as well as theatre or movie decorations using classical and untraditional materials. Professional surface and color adjustments of the objects are a given and so is the installation in a space of your choosing.

3D illusions implemented as walking images for interiors and exteriors are very popular.