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Light art

Light Art

Using a ray of light on a luminescent board to paint a picture, or so called Light Art, represents a unique graphic technology. Our studio represents the absolute top on a global scale when it comes to this particular discipline. We specialize in live performances. During these performances we are able to paint anything from simple drawings to realistic portraits right on the spot, in front of the audience. The drawings gradually disappear which creates unparalleled image animation.

We will design the live performance that will suit you. You can either choose from the catalogue of our standard performances or we can create a show based on your requirements. This graphic discipline is suitable for a whole range of occasions: sport events, corporate events, celebrations whether they take place indoors or outdoors. We provide an emotional show that is supported by live music and sound effects.
For the sake of the performance it is necessary to have darkness which will create magical atmosphere. Imagine a hall full of people in an absolute darkness while the only thing visible is the exact green light drawings. Based on the sequence of these realistic drawings a whole story is created.  
There are two sizes of our screen available: 3x2 meters or 4,5x2,5 meters.

It is also possible to combine these linens creating an area of 9x2,5 meters.
For the best possible experience we recommend a show with two Light Artists.
We have been working for many interesting Clients on very cool events and places all over the world.

You don´t have to worry as our equipment is developed so it fits to a normal suitcases. So, it´s easy for us to travel.

We are looking forward to work with You too.


Do you wish to have a fun and try to paint with the light on our special screen? Then we recommend to book a workshop. Our Artist will show you the best tricks and how to paint basic images.
The best is to book our performance and the workshop after. Only if you try it you are going to understand how hard it can be to paint realistic images like our artists do.