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Jaro Cossiga

Jaro Cossiga

Tour Manager / Sound Designer

Jaro has earned his degree in management and corporate governance.

He first started working with Alex Dowis at Hip Hop Kemp in 2003 and their collaboration remains intact. Jaro was hosting the first ever TV hip hop show called “5th Element” on music TV station Óčko, music program called “MusicBlok” on Czech television and with DJ Enemy he was hosting a morning radio show on Radio Spin 96.2.

Jaro considers the most important period of his life the five year engagement at the Archa Theater where he became an actor, dancer, producer, director assistant, set designer, sound designer and he contributed as an author on several theater place including: Chat, SenAnderSen, Putování za snem, v 11:20 Tě opouštím and Divnej soused all of which he performed all over the world. Here he also started to compose original and scenic music in the Ableton Live software. For more than 10 years Jaro is considered Czech expert of Ableton Live and he provides lectures and workshop for this particular program.

Jaro Cossiga is also considered the pioneer in Czech beatbox. Three times he won the Czech beatbox championship and he has a beatbox group called BeatBurgerBang, the vice-champions of the world in team beatbox. With this group Jaro was opening for musicians including Bauchklang, Suggarhill Gang, Joe Cocker, 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg.

Jaro currently co-owns the DipMyCar Company and with DJ Enemy he has the Royal Duck Studio which provides all the sound especially composed for the Art Light shows.




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